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10 Fast Track Ways to Getting Your Customers Opening Your Emails And Buying From You!

lf the battle won in advertising online is getting your ads noticed so that they have impact and create desire and urgency to push the reader into taking the necessary action.

Your subject line will determine whether or not your ad gets read.

Here are 10 ways to increase the chance of your ad getting read:-

(1) Ask people a question in your subject line. School has trained us to automatically answer questions.

(2) Use the word “free” or “fre^” to entice your targeted audience with free information, a free download, free software or a free trial.

(3) Put a smile in your subject line :O). When dealing with people face to face it is easy to respond to someone else’s smile. Online, smiles can’t be seen so add an online smile at the beginning of your subject line.

(4) Be realistic in your claims. People’s inboxes are filled to the brim with promises of millionaire status in 180 days. Be realistic and downplay the income potential. Besides, some people are only looking for a few hundred extra dollars a month, not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, so make your offer enticing to all.

(5) Avoid using all capitals in your subject line. It is difficult to read and online it is also considered shouting so just capitalize the beginning of every word.

(6) Draw attention to your subject line by starting with the word “stop”. People have been trained to stop and listen when they see that word.

(7) Use extra white spaces in your subject line to create eye-catching gaps between your words and your letters.

(8) Be creative in your use of capital letters and lower case letters in your subject line.

(9) Capitalise Key words in your subject line to add emphasis.

(10) Be detailed and specific. For example, 365 days sounds much more than 1 year. $100.00 a day is more specific then thousands of dollars a month. Add 100 subscribers a week is better than grow your list.

****** Bonus Tricks Of Ad Gurus ******

(1) Keep your classified ads punchy and to the point by using telegraphic sentences. Get paid on 6 levels, unlimited width, $30 cash per referral… (2) Be artistic by putting “ “, * *, ~ ~, << >> around your headline. This draws the reader towards your ad and not someone else’s. (3) Word your advertising as a testimonial. It instantly creates credibility to your offer. For example, “Webmaster reveals how to drive traffic to your site in 5 minutes a day”.

SIDEBAR: If your budget is tight don’t blow it all at once. Start with free ads to track your ad writing skills and when you get more confident and are producing results move up to classified ads, top sponsor ads, regular ads, and finally the ultimate ad of all, the solo ad.

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