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10 Success Factors Of Wealthy Infoproduct Marketers

Why not you? Why can’t you be the next Million dollar information product marketing guru in your field?

What is it that sets us aside from a wildly successful, wealthy and highly respected information product marketing professional – or any high achieving entrepreneur for that matter?

You can’t tell me this question hasn’t crossed your mind a few hundred times in the last several months?

Some people never seek out the answer to such an important question.

Others think they know the answers, but continue to struggle stubborn, unwilling to admit they need help.

Still others underestimate the importance and number of factors that must be taken into account in achieving massive results within their infoproduct businesses.


While its essential that you be aware of all 10 factors and that you make progress in all 10 areas, any improvement can result in vast improvement in your results. Rather than being overwhelmed by this extensive list of factors, focus instead on making small improvements in each area as the roadmap to building your own information product marketing empire.

SUCCESS FACTOR 1: Set a target that is on the upside of realistic. Ok, so you’ve heard this one before, but it bears repeating. Setting targets including lifestyle, health, income, time off, material purchases are all important. While these must be achievable, they must also stretch the limits of what you may judge as achievable today. You need to be aggressive. Do not stop at setting targets however – a target without the other success factors will do absolutely NOTHING toward improving your current situation.

SUCCESS FACTOR 2: Know Your Big WHY! Once you have decided on your targets, ask yourself why you have set each target. Its a good idea to write down each of your targets and beside each one write 1-3 reasons that really hit you emotionally as to why you want to achieve those goals. You will need to draw on these higher purposes many times as you build your business – eventually it will become automatically engrained and you won’t have to think about them. In the beginning though, you need to really dig deep to find the big WHY and refer back often.

SUCCESS FACTOR 3: Fearless Against Failure. Even though I practice this principle regularly, I still am amazed at how fearlessly information product publishing top guns are at trying new things, changing their direction, renewing their business, testing their actions. The real secret is to fail often and fail big, from each failure comes an insider’s understanding that eclipses what anyone else in the market knows. By failing bigger and more often than the rest of your market, you will gain a huge advantage over your competition who will not be able to keep up with you.

SUCCESS FACTOR 4: Think For Yourself. If you look to the top 2% of successes within any business, they get there by leading, not by following. Be creative, do not only rely on other people’s information to build your business. Standing out from the crowd, being a leader means by definition that nobody else has done what you aspire to – so why look to someone else for all the answers? Mentors are good – they help steer you in the right direction and help fill in the blanks, but you must think beyond current methods and knowledge to create your own path

SUCCESS FACTOR 5: Be Committed. You may want to see short-term results, but for highly successful entrepreneurs, they like to see constant growth in momentum and growth. This requires skills such as focus, ways of dealing with stress and boredom, flexibility to change direction when the market does and seeing yourself as a longer term builder of value rather than someone who enters a market to take advantage.

SUCCESS FACTOR 6: Be Action Oriented – Not A Perpetual Planner. This one factor alone separates high achievers from low achievers. Low achievers spend 90% of their time dreaming and less than 10% of their time acting. They continue to wish and dream, their definition of success is to be able to set targets, plans and goals. High achievers spend 10% of their time planning and 90% of their time acting. They get their satisfaction from seeing results and understand that plans need to be changed based on feedback from actions.

SUCCESS FACTOR 7: Have a Wealth Mentality NOT Desperation Mentality. Your market has a way of spotting desperate entrepreneurs who make decisions based on short-term goals, and that impacts trust leading to poor results. Alternatively, if you truly feel blessed, know that success will come to you in time, make decisions based on the premise that giving will ultimately result in more wealth for you – you will attract positive results.

SUCCESS FACTOR 8: Know Your Strengths – And Weaknesses. When I first started out, my strength was in understanding the psyche of a market such that I could easily find product and service opportunities – but packaging information and presenting it to my market was something beyond my skills at that time. So, that’s where I got better – I focused on learning, sought out a mentor, followed the leaders that were experts at marketing online and learned how to combine what I quickly learned with my expertise to earn a fortune. If you know where you are strongest, and focus on filling in the gaps of where you are less strong, you will achieve success much faster.

SUCCESS FACTOR 9: Live outside their comfort zone. Great things happen when you extend yourself beyond your comfort zone. If you fear public speaking, then at some point that will impact your business and you’ll need to learn how to overcome that fear. If you fear writing, then you’ll need to look for alternatives because writing is an essential skill for your business. Be conscious of what built-in factors block you from achieving greatness. Learn to recognize your own reactions to fear, allowing you to know when it gets in the way and how to control it allowing you to break through to the other side.

SUCCESS FACTOR 10: Stay healthy. Health is both physical and mental. Growing any business venture is an endurance test, are you ready both mentally and physically for the journey? If you have bad habits now, when you find yourself inside the tornado of a successful, thriving, growing and changing business – can you handle it? If not, get rid of those habits now – it will pay off dramatically in the future.

I bet you hadn’t thought there were so many success factors underlying high achieving information product entrepreneurs had you?

Remember, its not about mastering each of these factors, but rather its knowing they are all important as you build your information product marketing business. Each day, pay attention to the factors, make small, gradual improvements in each area and you will see the rewards.

After all, there are reasons why you see 2% of any business rise to the top, achieving the ultimate rewards. Now you have the 10 factors that you can control on your way to the top.

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