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After Golf School – Jobs That Are Available At Graduation

The idea of attending golf school sounds ideal. You get to spend a couple of years learning about a sport that you love, improving your game and working on completing an education which you hope will lead to a lucrative and satisfying career in the future.

But, wait a minute. Exactly what career might you obtain after graduating from golf school? After all, you love the thought that you might land a professional golf career out of the deal but you realize that the likelihood of that isn’t terrific. It could happen, but you don’t want to spend your money on an education that has only a small chance of getting you closer to your dream. Don’t worry; there are a number of other jobs that you can get after graduation from a golf college. These jobs are all related to the golf industry but will let you explore different interests as well, interests which may increase your likelihood of obtaining a job upon graduation.

For example, if you are interested in golf but are also interested in education, you could work on getting a job teaching golf. There are many different locations and settings in which golf instructors are needed. Many high schools have golf teams that need coaching. Resorts hire golf professionals to teach their skills to beginners who are just trying to enjoy a few days out on a luxurious golf course. Busy professionals pay to have private golf lessons for themselves or their young children. And golf schools also hire people to teach at their institutions. Teaching golf is one of the major careers that people graduating from a golf college enter. Those who get a jump start by working in some form of golf instruction during their college years are, of course, the ones who see the most success in making the transition from student to teacher.

Perhaps education isn’t your thing. You may be great at sales and marketing. If you have a penchant for sales or any aspect of marketing, you can get a job in the sales and marketing division of the golf industry. Golf schools offer courses that teach you the skills that you need to head large marketing divisions of major golf organizations. There are many different types of jobs related to this. For example, you could be a marketing copywriter for a golf publication. Alternatively, you could work as the head of sales for a company specializing in certain kind of golf clubs or golf attire. As long as you are willing to work at making the sale and letting people know what’s great about the product, you can do well in this area. Since you already love golf, you’re one step ahead of people who have marketing skills in other industries.

Maybe you have a more creative interest that you would like to indulge while making the most out of your golf education. There are many different ways that you could use golf school as a launching pad for combining golf with other creative endeavors. If you are interested in photography, you could start networking during your college years to meet people who will later employ you as a photographer at special golf events. Similarly, perhaps you are interested in alternative healing. Use your golf school time to get to know people working at golf resorts. Later, you may come back to these people to get hired on as an alternative healer or physical therapists specializing in massage or therapy for golf injuries. Golf school is just a stepping-stone to a number of interesting and lucrative careers. Deciding what type of golf career you will pursue after graduation is limitless.

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