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Akeredolu’s Son Threatens To Sue Deputy Gov Over N433 Million Accusation

Akeredolu’s Son Threatens To Sue Deputy Gov Over N433 Million Accusation

Ondo state  Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu’s son, Babajide Akeredolu has threatened to sue the state deputy,governor, Agboola Ajayi over alleged false accusation that he siphoned the sum of N433 million from the State’s coffers.

According to Babajide, who described the allegation from his father’s Deputy as malicious and deliberate attempt to malign his person, urged Ajayi to strip himself of immunity in order to prove his allegation in court.

Last week Saturday, during the flag-off campaign of the Zenith Labour Party, ZLP in Ore, Odigbo Local Government area of the State, the deputy governor, who is the candidate of ZLP for the October 10 governorship poll, had alleged that the governor’s son benefitted from the N4.3 billion allegedly found in a secret account.

Ajayi who has been having running battle with his boss stated that Babajide was paid N433 million from the money under the pretence of consultancy fee.

While vowing to take the issue up with the deputy governor, Babajide disclosed that the move by Ajayi was made for political gain, which he described as not only wicked but treacherous and false.

Babajide added that “I find it imperative to state unambiguously that I do not hold any political office.

“It is evil and most wicked to make such allegation that exist mainly in the minds of Hon. Agboola, the ZLP candidate and his ilk against me.

“I state with emphasis that it is the greatest disrespect and an intentional distortion of facts for the said Gubernatorial candidate of the ZLP to state inter alia that I siphoned Four hundred and thirty-three million naira of Ondo State’s funds under the disguise of consultancy fees. This allegation which I deny, can only come from someone so lowly and frivolous and unexpected of anyone who holds the high office of a Deputy Governor.”

He further stated that the allegation by Ajayi was calculated to disparage his person and credibility, which he said had caused severe damage to his reputation and professional interests.

The Governor’s son disclosed that his lawyers have been instructed to institute legal action against Ajayi in order to claim full damages for the harm the alleged false statement had done to his reputation.


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