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All The Secrets About Dragonfly Musical Instruments

Designed by BLUE (Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics), the dragonfly used for musical instruments works wonders particularly for the personal-studio operators. This diaphragm condenser, the dragonfly, is distinctive in design using high quality components. The correspondence quality price is nothing to worry about with this piece of professional equipment. Now lets what the dragonfly condenser can do for musical instruments.

The Dragonfly musical instruments with the highest compatibility are the drums. You can actually record CDs, and though drums sound great, the dragonfly is great for all kinds of musical instruments. The overall sound in crystal clear, accurate and very much present. The quick transient response makes it easy to be used as it extremely accurate, due to the fact that it is especially designed for percussion. It works great for hand drums too, such as the bongos and the dumbeks or the congas.

You’ll also be surprised at the quality sound you can get with dragonfly applied to some other difficult sources like the rattles or the shakers. Many sound operators complain that with the shakers, there is always a loose sound with some of the other diaphragm condensers. Dragonfly does no such thing, as it captures a tight and very natural sound, with no slushy interference due to sharp or bright notes. Dragonfly musical instruments combination will hardly prove difficult.

All reviews point to the high professionalism of this device. Dragonfly musical instruments applications are highly quiet, there is hyped sounding as this condenser assures a neutral sound that impresses by the excellent transient response. High-pitched sounds such as high-harmonic overtones are documented without any grating sound or imbalance. Make a simple experiment. Compare the sound a triangle makes live, and the one it makes with a Dragonfly; there is hardly any difference.

The Dragonfly for other musical instruments than the drums, is another great choice. For instance dragonfly musical instruments combinations also include the use with the acoustic guitar or the piano. The effect on the piano is so impressive that you can actually feel the great balance of high mid and low sounds in the realistic sense of the piano. The Dragonfly picks up the harmonics and recreates complete and full sounds specific to jazz and piano tracks.

Last but not least, besides dragonfly musical instruments applications, there are some other very successful combinations such as the one with vocals. We could say that this is perhaps among the primary uses of the Dragonfly. The effect on voice records is the impression of air and natural sounding of the vocals. All in all, we can openly admit, that the music industry is highly influenced by the electronics, and the dragonfly is the clear, objective proof.

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