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Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do…?

“Bad Boys” was the theme song for Fox’s television program COPS. The song was released by the reggae group Inner Circle in 1989. The television show COPS also started in 1989 and is still ongoing today. The show followed police officers and sheriff’s deputies during patrols and shot real footage of police work.

Inner Circle and the Bad Boys theme song:
The group Inner Circle was started by two Jamaican brothers, Ian Lewis and Roger Lewis, in 1968. The group was heavily influenced by one of their other original members and lead singer, Jacob Miller. Miller tragically died in a car crash in 1980. After the loss, the group temporarily broke up, but released another album in 1982. By 1989 they would release the song that would become the theme song, Bad Boys, on one of America’s longest running television series.

Television Series COPS:
COPS was created by John Langley and Malcolm Barbour. The show was popular even before reality television became the craze in America. Each weekly episode aired for 30 minutes (22 minutes without commercials), edited from up to 400 total recording hours with police officers. Since its original run, the show has aired over 650 episodes, winning the American Television Award in 1993 and earning four Emmy nominations in its time. The show and its famous theme song, Bad Boys is engrained in American culture, spawning numerous parodies and references in pop culture.

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