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Can You Invest With Just $100?

Many private investors do not have a large amount of capital at their disposal to invest in stocks. Some take the route of Penny Stocks to generate high returns but some people find these too risky. Indeed, Penny Stocks ARE risky – if you do not know how to carry out research.

There are many other ways to invest. I’m going to tell you about one investment opportunity that gives high returns with little research. Anyone can do it. I am talking about Offshore Investments, also known as High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP).

Firstly, there are two types of High Yield Investment Programs. These are “Autosurfs” and Private HYIPs. Both are accessible to the general public and give high returns – usually with a minimum deposit as low as $5. The returns that I’m talking about are in the region of 30% every month, for no work at all. The only difference is the risk factors involved.

An Autosurf is a program that pays you for surfing the internet. The return you will receive depends on the amount you invest. Generally, Autosurfs are regarded as a higher risk than HYIPs. This is because Autosurfs, generally, do not have a viable means of alternative income.

Private HYIPs are a far safer option for small investors. Not many people know about them and they tend to last longer than Autosurfs. Many of them have exceeded 3 years, thereby giving you more than 10 times your intial investment. Their income usually comes from using investor’s cash to trade stock markets.

Finding private HYIPs is not as hard as it used to be. A simple search will reveal some good investments. Reading people’s comments and opinions on them will help you form your own opinion and tell you if you should invest or not. Choose wisely.

For small investors, private HYIPs are like a dream come true. We can now create passive income with as little as $100.

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