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Cedar Garden Furniture-An Owner’s Pride

All men are not created alike; some are gifted with artistic talents while others with beauty etc. The same thing holds good for woods too. Cedar is a type of wood which has all exceptional qualities imbibed in it. You can add a sense of beauty to your garden using the aromatic bouquet presented by Cedar Garden furniture. The natural oil present in Cedar provides you with a comforting atmosphere. The composition of Cedar oil is such that it repels insects and acts as a natural preservative and prevents your furniture from wear and tear. This contributes a lot to the life span of your garden furniture set. The arrival of Cedar furniture to your garden will certainly augment your outdoor activities and you would undoubtedly feel proud to own one.

The main variety of Cedar wood is the Thuja plicata and it found extensively in the forests of Washington and Idaho. Always ensure that the wood has a certificate of sustainable forestry practices before opting to buy one. If the letters “Reforestation Program” are inscribed on your furniture set it implies that the wood was developed after clear cutting and replanting and these woods do not last long.

Cedar is an ideal wood for the Mediterranean climate since it neither expands nor contracts on absorption of moisture. It has a low thermal coefficient of expansion and the air enclosed between its pores mainly contribute to this property. This also makes Cedar an ideal insulator and it doesn’t radiate heat under a scorching environment. So irrespective of the climatic changes you can enjoy yourselves in your cool and favorite seat. All these excellent properties give Cedar an edge over the other types of wood. An authentication to the liability of cedar is indicated by the very fact that it was used in the 15th century for the erection of King Solomon’s shrine. This temple exists till now and this indicates the durability of Cedar made furniture. The main reason behind the popularity of Cedar wood is its extreme lightness. This makes it portable and the transport of Cedar made goods is a child’s play.

Though Red Cedar is the most popular of all, these woods are also available in tan, gold, white and silver. Apart from the color you would also get different types of coating inclusive of but not limited to the weathered coat, unvarnished coat, varnished cum semi silvered coat etc…With proper care and maintenance your cedar would do you great good. Annual greasing with Special oils would ensure a longer life and a new gloss gets imparted to the wood. Each time you take a look you would undeniably find something different and interesting in your garden set. You could even cover your furniture with tarp to avoid weathering and this will pass on a natural sheen to your furniture

Just try sitting in a Cedar Garden Adirondack chair and you would discover something extraordinary within you. Spending a few moments in your garden with your Garden furniture would certainly take you to your dream world. You would be able to catch up with your dreams and this would imbibe in you a sense of great accomplishment.

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