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A lot of the time, people get caught up with one type of Christian song or another. Maybe it is the gospel music you grew up in, the Christian rock you got into in your teens, or the Christian contemporary that your mom likes to listen to in the car on the way to school. Whatever it is, people can be pretty particular about their Christian music. In some churches, rock ‘n roll is right out all together. Other religious organizations shun traditional music, trying to keep a more upbeat and contemporary feel. In my opinion, all of these approaches Are wrongheaded. The whole point is to share music with other believers – music that expresses your values. Whether or not you like a particular kind of Christian song, it is still important to realize that it is coming from the right place.

Of course, not all Christian music makes good church music. A lot of the time, tradition is where it is at, as far as church singing goes. After all, there is nothing that beats a resounding chorus of voices signing up to the heavens in choruses of hallelujah. Nonetheless, I have seen some Christian churches that use contemporary music to good effect. A lot of the time, youth services work this way. After all, the best way to reach out to kids is through their music. There is nothing inherently wrong with rock ‘n roll, or even rap if it suits the tastes of the younger generation. It is all about reaching out to people to gain new believers.

Music can make great Christian gifts, especially around the holidays. What better way to celebrate Christmas, for example, then with the gift of Christian music? Of course, you should probably not give out Christmas music as a Christmas gift. After all, by the time that they get it, it will be too late to make use of it until the next year.

Christian music can also be great for bringing a family closer together. The most important thing to remember is that the church starts with the family. Finding good music that everyone can sing along to is crucial to bringing a community of believers together. It will also help you bond with your kids. After all, almost all children love to sing, and it is all the better if they can get their parents to join along. Remember to have fun with it!

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