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El-Rufai Lauds Fulani, Ham For De-Escalating Tension

El-Rufai Lauds Fulani, Ham For De-Escalating Tension

El-Rufai praises Fulani, Ham leaders for not allowing herdsman’s murder degenerate into crisis

Nasir el-Rufai, governor of Kaduna, has commended Fulani and Ham leaders for de-escalating tension and keeping the peace after a herder was killed in Jaba local government area of the state.

On Sunday, Usman Shehu Abdullahi, a herder, was murdered by unknown assailants at Sabzuro-Tunga near Nok.

There has been concern about the state of insecurity in communities in southern Kaduna, which has led to the deployment of troops to the state.

Speaking at a meeting in Ungwan Tunga on Saturday, the governor who was represented by Samuel Aruwan, commissioner for internal security and home affairs, said the security agencies are investigating the development.

“We are here on behalf of the governor to commiserate with you over the unfortunate incident and to commend you for recourse to the law,” he said

“The security agencies are still carrying out investigation and we are grateful for your cooperation and understanding. Your cooperation helped immensely in de-escalating tension.”

The governor urged the community leaders to continue sharing vital information with security agencies.

On his part, Abdullahi Wakili, father of the deceased, said they would continue to cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

Benjamin Jock, chairman of the local government, said the council has been working with security agencies to get to the root of the killing.

Jock said he has since summoned an emergency meeting with critical stakeholders towards strengthening intelligence gathering and sharing of useful information.

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