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Election should not be a do or die affair- Gov Obaseki

Election should not be a do or die affair- Gov Obaseki

The candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the Sept.19, gubernatorial election, Governor. Godwin Obaseki, says that election should not be a do or die affair, adding that  no need of any form of violence during the election.

Obaseki stated this in Benin during a one-day prayer and fasting for a peaceful election organised for all the governorship candidates ahead of the election.

“If government is doing as much as expected, Nigeria will be a heaven because I see what the church does with little resources they have.

“When government fails, it is the church that carries the burden.

“As a governor, how many people have I interfaced with today.

“Many people have not been able to pay school fees and hospitals bill.

“When people are not able to meet their daily obligations, they are not able to eat, they go to the pastor or the church.

“But if government has done things it is supposed to do, it’s able to provide an enabling environment for people to do business, provide good education and provide quality primary healthcare.

“Thank God for the church we have today; thank God for the men and women we have in church today; I am glad and blessed that these men and women are my pillar.

“The church is the pillar on which we rest, and therefore, I have no fear whatsoever.

“I take actions and people say you are very courageous, it’s not me but God. I have the church behind me; I have God behind me, so why should I be afraid.

“Ordinarily an election is supposed to be a contest where people go to sell their ideas and citizens in their own free will go and vote for those ideas they believe in.

“It shouldn’t be one where people will do anything to get power.

“Election should not be the one we shed blood, because election will always come, if you die in an election, you will not be there in the next one to vote. So there is no need for violence.

“It’s unfortunate that where we are today, we are all afraid that there will trouble, there will be crisis and violence.

“But by the Grace of God, we will all come out and vote and there won’t be any bloodshed.

“There is no need for any violence, if anybody decides to act in a violent manner, just walk away, because our life is very precious and I said I have a covenant with God.

“If it will cause the blood of anybody for me to get into power, he should not let me have power,’’ he said.

Rev. Felix Omobude, the National President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), while offering prayers for a peaceful election, prayed that God will makes peace reign before, during and after the election.

“God will lift Edo onto your hands; by this covenant we proclaim peace over Edo, peace before, during and after the election.

“The church speaks with one voice, that those that have sold themselves to work against the destiny of Edo, they shall be overwhelmed by their own problems.

“In this election, rigging and evil will not have their way.

“We knock the engine of their operation, the people shall go out and vote according to their consciences and the will of God will be done,’’ he said

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