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Fix-a-Form goes east

Fix-a-Form International, the licensor of the multi-page label system, has signed a new licensee agreement to cover Poland in Eastern Europe.

The new agreement is the latest licensee signing for the company that produces Fix-a-Forms in 23 countries.

IWACO, the company’s Scandinavian licensee, will manufacture the Fix-a-Forms for exclusive distribution to Poland.

Stephen Jarrold, Fix-a-Form marketing manager, commented: ‘Eastern European countries are becoming prime targets for international market development. Poland is regarded as a doorway to much of this potential and has been an obvious target for Fix-a-Form for some time.

‘Local supply is of paramount importance if Fix-a-Form is to be accepted by countries like Poland where companies are struggling to manufacture and compete,’ Mr Jarrold continued. ‘They need locally supplied materials and services, rather than high priced imported goods, to help them beat off competition from other countries.’

Fix-a-Form managing director Andrew Denny added: ‘Fix-a-Form International provides a comprehensive back-up service to licensees and this move into Poland will be no exception. We have arranged for Stephen Jarrold to join representatives from IWACO to help introduce the on-pack communication device to the new market. They will be conducting a series of seminars across the country.’

Poland, Mr Denny emphasised, was a key market for Fix-a-Form. ‘It takes us into a completely new geographical area. We will be selling, via our existing licensee, to companies that will have probably never have seen a Fix-a-Form before. It will be interesting to see the reaction we get to the product.’

Fix-a-Forms are machine folded leaflets combined with self-adhesive labels, supplied on-reel for automatic application using standard labelling equipment.

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