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For South East & South South: Lower Niger Nation – Name To Be Determined Later

For South East & South South: Lower Niger Nation – Name To Be Determined Later


Dear brethren of all ethnic nations of what today is called SE and SS,

We know Arewa are far ahead of us all as they already did their own Self-determination 20 years ago when they took up Sharia in year 2000. They are only physically in this fake Union so that they can continue to rob the South and Middle Belt of our resources.

Our Yoruba brethren are moving fast. You may have heard that under their Agbekoya they are planning a peaceful symbolic gathering in Lagos to demonstrate their support for Self-determination and Oduduwa Nation on our useless “Independence” Day.

Our Middle Belt brethren are doing what they can but they are also facing Sharia-supremacist genocide and land grab by Arewa under the Fulanization agenda.

Then there is us of so-called SE and SS. By now we should be more advanced in the Self-determination that not just Igbo seek, but we ALL seek. In this modern day nations need Alliances. Look at strong Germany still needing Alliance in EU, NATO, Schengen etc. We know some of us talk of Ijaw Nation, Ogoni Nation, Igbo Nation (as Biafra) etc but there is strength in numbers. We of SE and SS are Christians and should be able to live together in this life, as we hope to do in the next life too, is that not so? Even God told us that “Two are better than one… If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up!… A cord of three strands is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:9–12).

We should stop wasting time. That only harms us and our children because the sooner we gather TOGETHER to escape this Union called Nigeria, the better for us and especially for our children. We can sometimes be too emotional and that hinders our progress. Right now we need nothing but INTELLIGENCE to think straight!

Time is short, and we have looked around for the best way that each of the ethnic nationalities in SE and SS can each of us get our own Self-determination, and the platform is the Lower Niger Congress (LNC). LNC has already been following United Nations protocols and arranged them in 16 Stages. 13 Stages have already been done for the good and for the Self-determination of ALL the nations in SE and SS. When someone does something good for you, why would you curse them? Are we the FOOLISH Black man that White people describe? Rather, go and find out what EXACTLY Lower Niger Congress has been doing for your good! Thank them. Then thank God for them having been working for your good. Then add your own effort so that the next few Stages for you to get Self-determination are very quickly achieved. Please my brothers, let us act like adults, not like babies. A GOOD thing is here for us. So be happy and grateful!

To go to the UN, LNC used a map that Whites made of our area in 1885, at the time of Berlin Conference when Europe divided up Africa for themselves. That is why our Bloc is called “Lower Niger”. But that will NOT be the final name for our new country. ALL the ethnic nationalities will choose the name by voting. Nobody will impose their own choice of name or opinion on us.

Furthermore, the Lower Niger Bloc is divided into 6 Regions/Provinces according to ethnic nations. One Region is Ijaw. One Region is Igbo. Etc etc. We know our Igbo brethren love the name “Biafra” and they will choose the name of their Region by vote. So, their Region could in the end be called Biafra! Look at USA. A man from Texas has a flag of both USA and of Texas in front of his house. You meet him and he tells you “I am Texan”. He doesn’t say, he is American, he says Texan. So too in our new country of SE and SS together, we can describe ourselves by the name of our Region!

Very importantly, LNC has worked out an Alliance with Oduduwa and Middle Belt. So if we have businesses, property, assets in those two Alliance Blocs they remain safe and intact. It’s a bit like Germany being in EU.

Please my brethren of SE and SS. Let’s stop wasting time and instead gather around LNC’s UN-based Strategy. Yoruba are ahead of us. Let us get serious and act like grown men. If you are Igbo, you can get “Biafra” within the Lower Niger Bloc, so why waste time. Time wasting means spending more time with Arewa, which none of us want. Instead of guessing, go to the LNC website and Facebook site to get the FACTS!

Time is short. Arewa are fighting hard to keep this diabolical entrapment and fake Union called Nigeria over us. Our children MUST BE SET FREE! Let us be determined on getting that asap.

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