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Front Yard Landscape

Maintaining a home is no joke. There is plenty involved in this process. It’s not just about paying the monthly bill and keeping the interior clean. There are also countless little maintenance jobs such as emptying the gutters, painting or washing the exterior, keeping up with the window sealing, making sure all appliances are working well, and an array of other chores. Then there’s the front yard landscape. While the backyard is also important, the front yard is what everyone sees as they drive, walk or jog past. Therefore you have to keep your front yard looking stellar at all times. There are numerous neighbors to compete with.

There’s more to front yard landscape ideas than simply cutting the grass. Not to belittle the lawn, but it doesn’t end there. You’ll also probably want to aerate your yard in order to keep it healthy and growing. And don’t forget the grass seed. When winter draws near, you’ll need to winterize the lawn to preserve it for next spring. But that’s all just the grass. What about the rest of the front yard landscape rituals? You should always consider flowers. A nice flower bed can really compliment a home’s appearance and increase curb appeal. I recently helped my neighbor plant about a hundred different flowers around the front of his home, because he was putting it on the market. Selling a house is much easier when the entire lot looks amazing. That front yard landscape scheme can make or break a sale.

Bushes and trees always add a certain flare to your home. Maybe a Japanese maple near the front entran

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