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Ignore Fake News Claiming Ptf Spent N22 Billion Fighting Covid-19

Ignore Fake News Claiming Ptf Spent N22 Billion Fighting Covid-19

Press Release

Ignore Fake News Claiming PTF Spent N22 Billion Fighting Covid-19 – APC Tells Nigerians

The attention of APC Mandate Defenders has been drawn to the fake news in some media outlets claiming that the Presidental Taskforce on Covid-19 (PTF), spent N22 billion in fighting Coronavirus between April 1st and July 31st this year.

Denying the report in a statement released to newsmen in Abuja on Monday, the National Publicity Secretary of the group, Mr. Ifeanyi Emeka noted that the report is not only false but was concocted to incite the Nigerian people against the good works the PTF is doing to flatten the Covid-19 curve in the country.

The group said that every dime spent and other activities undertaken by the PTF is documented and is already in the public domain for all Nigerians to see as part of the PTF’s transparency drive.

This can be noticed in the recent launch of Nigeria Resource Mobilisation Tracker Dashboard and the Nigeria Incidence and Response Tracker Dashboard by the Chairman of the PTF, Mr. Boss Mustapha. To get more information about the PTF, it’s expenditure and activities, click the following link

The group further explained that every dime spent by the PTF was gotten through requisition letter and was never responsible for receiving monies from donors as the report suggested.

For the sake of emphasis, the PTF is a multi-sectoral body that coordinates and oversees inter-governmental efforts for the containment of the spread of Covid-19 in the country and not a money receiving body as the fake news alleged.

Accordingly, there are categories of donors as well as groups receiving and managing Covid-19 funds in the country.

We have the United Nations Covid-19 Basket Fund which serve as Covid-19 financing and investment forum for diverse stakeholders which manages donations from the United Nations, multilateral and bilateral organisations. This body have their own independent board known as ‘Project Management Board’ which approves every of its dime and activities.

The other group is the NNPC and it’s partners which mobilises oil companies to support the fight against Covid-19. Their fund is indenpendently managed and the PTF is never a party to that.

We also have the Private Sector Coalition Against Covid-19 which mobilises funds from public spirited individuals and establishments in the country. Their fund is also managed independently and the PTF is not involved in their internal affairs.

So, we wonder why any body or group would allege that the PTF spent N22 billion out of the phantom N31 billion it received from the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation?

We are still asking to know what these fellows planting fake news against the PTF stands to benefit from their shambolic and disgraceful acts?

Must we always display our penchant for mischiefs at every given moment?

While we urge Nigerians to ignore the fake report, we call on them to continue to stay safe as well as take individual and collective responsibilities in the ongoing fight to flatten the Covid-19 curve.

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