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Nigerians And There Self Hate

Nigerians And There Self Hate

Nigerians and there self hate
As a Nigerian one thing i have noticed about the other citizens of this country, is the hatred and dislike we possess for it. Most of us hate her so much, we are ready to accept that it can be compared, to a zoo or a common animal playground, even if said by the most insane human being. How will you hate your country to the extent that you choose to compare it to an animal shelter? Whether metaphorically or not, it still remains your fathers land, and still deserves your respect.
When you meet an Average America anywhere, even with the level of barbarism happening there, sure as the gun violence, the blm protest, the failure of the government to handle the covid 19 out break well. They won’t condemn there country internationally, in fact they will first attest to the fact, that there country is the most blessed Nation in the world, And proudly shout God bless America, and they have being saying this since the industrial age. If not for globalization we won’t know what is going on in there midst. But let an international reporter, come to this country, and ask some of us about Nigeria, the first thing they will do is call it a shit hole, then a zoo, and then a retarding Nation. You are calling it all this and you want the nation to develop, you want it to move forward, you want foreign investors to invest and create opportunities, you want the economy to flow smoothly, you want Nigerian made business to thrive but you are using your mouth, to chase away the external factors that will help Stimulate the growth of the country. I was speaking with a Chinese the other day, while conversing i asked him about the issue of corona virus in his country, with the fact that millions have died in that country, this guy still had hope and said we trust the Chinese Government. How do you develop something you already hate? Hatred also known as too abhor which means to reject, turn aside and despise something deeply, so tell me how do you build a nation you are rejecting, a nation you hate with all your might?
We have failed to differentiate, between the past unfortunate leaders we should condemn and hate, and the Nation we should build and develop.
The Nation is not the reason for any bodies misfortune, if we as citizens don’t see the Nation, as something that needs to be developed and not rejected and totally condemned, nobody else will. The only thing the outside world will help us with, after seeing our malicious over exaggerated ranking among bad deeds is aides, they wouldn’t build or develop her for us. #Stoptheselfhate.

I am not a writer neither am i a motivational speaker, but just an ordinary observer. This nation is not cursed, neither is it failed only the past unfortunate leaders, are failures and cursed, same for the people that failed to fight for there rights of a better Nation. *If you want to condemn at all, condemn the people responsible for the misfortune, a nation just doesn’t go bad, there were catalyst, curse, harm the catalyst, not the Father land.

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