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Obaseki Speaks On Why He Decided To Fight Oshiomole.

Obaseki Speaks On Why He Decided To Fight Oshiomole.

I’ve endured so much, cannot continue to be governor and not function as one
Edo State governor, Godwin Obaseki revealed the painful experiences he has supposedly been suffering from the hands of his Adams Oshiomhole.

This was as Obaseki said that as governor, he was denied the opportunity to even nominate a single person for a federal appointment and vowed he will never again, accept a situation in which as a governor he cannot function as one.

He did not directly mention the name of the name of Oshiomhole, however indications showed he was referring to no other than Oshiomhole.

Obaseki bared his mind on worrying issues in Edo State when he spoke with members of the Benin community resident in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), at Edo State Lodge, Abuja,

Governor Obaseki, went further to say that as long as he remains Edo governor, he will not allow the state to be used as a mere pawn in a political game by any highly placed politician.

An apparent tussle of who controls the state House of Assembly between the two, is believed to have been the cause of the crisis rocking the state assembly.

Speaking with the group that was led by Dickson Omoregie, Obaseki explained that he had promised during his campaign to help develop the state.

“I did this silently behind the scenes for eight years before I became governor.

“The money we are getting from Abuja isn’t enough. So, given my background, I sought to bring investors so that they can engage our people.

“I have gone to great lengths to try to explain; it is about reform to change Edo from what it is to what we hope and pray for it to be.

“I don’t have any future political ambition, but only to finish by the grace of God and go back to my business which is suffering. I didn’t come to make money at Government House, I didn’t come to make a name. By the grace of God, He has given me one.

“Edo is for Edo people, not for individuals, no matter who they think they are, we all will play our own roles and leave, what will remain is our state.

“I have endured so much as governor. As governor, I have not been able to even nominate somebody for a federal appointment. Meanwhile, federal appointments are made every day, I will sit down they will call me from the Senate. Are you aware of this? I keep quiet; I cannot be governor and not be governor,” he said.

Adding that all his actions had been in the best interest of the people, he described the political crisis in the state as “an embarrassment”.

According to him, it was embarrassing for people to be ridiculing him when “at the centre, we have one of our own person who is supposed to superintend this”.

He added, “So, if your children are fighting and you cannot come and settle them then what authority do you have to even be a father?”

Decrying how he conducted elections in the state and someone came and canceled them and selected those he wanted, Obaseki said that but for his patience, Edo state would have gone the way of Zamfara State where the party lost every elective position during the last elections.

“How can I as governor conduct elections and someone will come and cancel them and be manipulating and throwing all sorts of people in there and now wants to use the people to fight me and remove me from office, and you want me to keep quiet?

“So, I have said it that at the end of the day, I only have one mandate to serve Edo people and as long as God has given me this opportunity, I will not allow Edo State to be a pawn in anybody’s political chess game,” he said.

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