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Obaseki’s Victory: Why Ambode Couldn’t Fight Tinubu

Obaseki’s Victory: Why Ambode Couldn’t Fight Tinubu

Akinwunmi Ambode did the right thing for not trying to do in Lagos what Obaseki did in Edo.


1. Ambode had nobody with him in Lagos State House of Assembly unlike Obaseki who enjoys the support of the Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly, Francis Okiye.

2. Ambode don’t have the support of his ‘Godfathered’ deputy unlike Obaseki who has the full support of Philip Shaibu, a loyal and trustworthy deputy.

3. The PDP in Lagos which is under the weak leadership of Bode George has no member in any top political office in the state and in Nigeria compared to Edo state that has active Senators (2) and House of Reps (6) in the National Assembly.

4. Obaseki won the heart of Edo people by silencing the audacious thugs led by Tony Kabaka. Can you say that about Lagos?

5. Obaseki has many sympathisers in his former party APC, who worked for his re-election as Governor. The recognised Edo APC Faction Chairman is a good ally of Obaseki. That can not be said in the case of Ambode. All APC party members in Lagos lick the foot of Tinubu.

What I’m saying is that, it would be foolish for Ambode to pull that Obaseki’s stunt in Lagos. Had it been he has done so, it might have damaged his political career.

Though, it is obvious that Muhammadu Buhari hates Godfatherism because he has been a victim of such practice. Now, under him, so many Godfathers were relegated in different States.

It is now up to Ambode who saved his political career to fight back. He lives to fight for good another day. That day should be closer than we all think.


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