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Phil Mickelson wants annual ‘Match,’ with Mahomes, Curry, Jordan

Phil Mickelson wants annual ‘Match,’ with Mahomes, Curry, Jordan

Phil Mickelson said he wants to see The Match golf tournament played every year, with other athletes like Patrick Mahomes, Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry involved.

Mickelson and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady lost The Match: Champions for Charity on Sunday to Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. The event was the most-watched golf telecast in cable TV history and raised $20 million for coronavirus relief efforts.

“I think you could showcase guys like Steph Curry and Michael Jordan or Tony Romo and Patrick Mahomes, who are all good golfers, elite talents and have great personalities,” Mickelson told the Los Angeles Times.

“Those personalities are going to come out with this event. Or you could have someone who loves the game and is competitive but is really entertaining like Larry David and Bill Murray. I think that could shine.”

Mickelson beat Woods and claimed a $9 million payday in a 2018 version of The Match, which was played in Las Vegas. “Lefty” also said fellow golfer Justin Thomas could be involved in a future version of The Match. Thomas was an on-course correspondent during Sunday’s event at Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Fla. No fans were allowed to attend the event.

“What if Tiger and I were to team up and take on two younger players, or what if we were to team up with younger players and have it be a real high-level golf competition?” Mickelson asked. “I think there’s a market for that.

“But you have to have some personality in there, too, so a guy like Justin Thomas showed how funny he is and he would add a lot to an event like that.”

The PGA Tour season is scheduled to resume with the Charles Schwab Challenge from June 11 to 14 at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas.

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