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Power And Fuel Price Hike Are Necessary Evils: Support From An Anti-buhari!

Power And Fuel Price Hike Are Necessary Evils: Support From An Anti-buhari!

As a prelude to this piece, I want to state that I am Anti-Buhari and a PDP apologist though not a member. You might want check my previous posts and comments to clarify your doubt.

However, as a critical and rational mind, I do not criticize Buhari and the APC govt blindly and needlessly like their supporters who would support all of their atrocities. I criticize what is bad and applaud what is good.

It’s worthy to note that there are few things Buhari has got right just like there are many others he is doing wrong.

Personally, my greatest grouse with Buhari is his nepotism. The fact that he is an Islamic fundamentalist and a Jihadist whose greatest aim is seeing Nigeria become the Fulani capital of the world. That this will be achieved through the shedding of blood and displacement of aboriginal communities from their ancestral lands is none of his business nor is it of his co-marauders. Another problem is his penchant for loans. But that’s a story for another day.

But aside this, Buhari hasn’t been completely terrible. Daring to grant financial autonomy to Local govts, is something only Buhari can do. Daring to close the border and drastically reduce importation of rice which is making local rice farmers millionaires, is something only Buhari can do. The list goes on.

And now to subsidy removal and increase in electricity tariff. Let’s try to take this two one after another:-


The only issue I have with APC and Buhari on Subsidy removal is the fact that they protested against it when GEJ did it in 2012 and called it fraud but now they are traveling the same road 8 years after. If not for their stupid partisanship, we would have been 8 years down this road and forgotten the pain by now but they chose blind and stupid politics over reason and patriotism. But that’s what I won’t do.

So,removal of subsidy from petrol is a necessary thing that must be done no matter the immediate pain therein. It is my thinking that every informed mind should support the govt on this. Not for the sake of Buhari but for the good of our country.

Just like GEJ said in 2012, removal of subsidy will free up funds for government to put in other things just like SURE-P was introduced that year. Again, the subsidy regime has been replete with fraud. Like Timipre Sylvia said, Nigeria subsidize importation of fuel only for unscrupulous characters within the petroleum industry to divert about 30 percent of the imported fuel for sale in neighbouring countries. It is not doing the country any good. Add that to the economics realities of fall in price of crude oil and adverse effect of Covid19 pandemic and you see that subsidy is no longer feasible.


Since the privatization of the power sector, govt has continued to try to regulate and determine price of electricity which tends to make the privatization of that sector a mere paper work instead of practical.

The danger therein is that investors have continually been sceptical about putting money in the power sector since they fear the money may not come back due to government interference in price regulation which is not what it is supposed to be. Being that that sector has been privatized, government is supposed to be a mere supervisor allowing market forces to determine price, and not a regulator.

Let us take our telecommunication industry for instance. When Obasanjo privatized that sector in 2001, free fiscal hand was given to the investors to determine price which was why Sim cards sold for over 30k then. But as competition increased, Sim cards are now free. This is what our Power sector needs. A free hand to the investors if we truly mean that we have privatized that sector. Their activities might be painful at first but if we take clue from the telecom industry, we will see that when competition increases in the sector, these prices will come crashing.

In all these, only Buhari has the will power to withstand the fire and brimstones that will be fired by those who will choose to play politics with this laudable policies any other person would chicken out like GEJ did in 2012.

So I crave the indulgence of all sane mind that govt be supported in this harsh but necessary policies. It will be hard at first but will be worth it on the long run.

God bless Nigeria!

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