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Reaction to Liverpool’s Premier League title win

Reaction to Liverpool’s Premier League title win

Reaction to Liverpool’s Premier League triumph, their first league title since 1990:

Manager Juergen Klopp: “I have no words. It is unbelievable, much more than I thought was possible. Becoming champions with this club is absolutely incredible. This is for Kenny (Dalglish), for Stevie (Gerrard) – everyone!” he said.

Liverpool Principal owner John Henry:

“This was a season for the ages and for the faithful of Liverpool Football Club. It has been an incredible year of magnificent achievement culminating tonight in capturing the Premier League title.”

Former Liverpool player and manager Kenny Dalglish, the last manager to win the title for the club in 1990:

“The last two years and since Juergen (Klopp)’s come in has been very positive. He’s been fantastic and epitomises everything Liverpool Football Club stands for. Whatever they got, they have deserved it.”

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, whose team won the last two Premier League titles:

“Congratulations to Liverpool for this great season. We won a lot in the last few years and of course we want to close the gap.”

Graeme Souness, former Liverpool player and manager:

“They have been fabulous this team, This is a special team, a team that going forward, you can’t say they will win it every year, but they will come very close to winning this one and the big one, the European one (Champions League).”

Andy Robertson, Liverpool left back:

“We had to wait 13 weeks, it was 13 long weeks with uncertainty, but a lot of our fans had to wait 30 years so it was a short time compared to what they’ve had.”

Rafa Benitez, former Liverpool manager:

“Congratulations to @LFC, after 30 years, the dream comes true! Very happy for all the Reds! You’ll never walk alone.”

Jamie Carragher, Sky pundit and former Liverpool defender:

“This Liverpool team now will want to emulate what Manchester City have done and retain the title for sure, and what Manchester United did under Sir Alex Ferguson. I don’t think one title will be enough for Juergen Klopp and this team with the energy they have.”

Steven Gerrard, former Liverpool captain:

“Incredible achievement from a fantastic squad of top players. Led by a world class manager and coaching team also a special mention for the backing from FSG (Fenway Sports Group). And lastly and most importantly the fans who have waited 30 years. Let the party begin.”

Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James, who has owned a 2% stake in Liverpool since 2011:


Former Liverpool midfielder Luis Garcia:

“… What a fantastic achievement. Congrats to all the players, staff and board member. I’m not forgetting the supporters. Enjoy the moment, it’s been a long time but finally is here!!”

Former Liverpool striker Fernando Torres:

“… Unbelievable squad, magnificent manager, great staff but above all my sincere congrats to every single LFC supporter. You’ve been waiting so long and finally that desired trophy is yours. Very well deserved. YNWA.”

Former Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina:

“… Award more than deserved after an excellent season… 30 years later. Today I feel more than proud of having belonged to this great club.”


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