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Richest Civil Servant In Nigeria, Inuwa Waya Veers Into Politics

Richest Civil Servant In Nigeria, Inuwa Waya Veers Into Politics

Richest Civil Servant in Nigeria, Inuwa Waya veers into politics, says I Did Not Buy My Way to become a Governorship candidate

As several political aspirants in the northern part of the country begin to jostle for the Kano State governorship seat ahead of the 2023 gubernatorial elections, one of the prospective candidates, Barrister Abdulkadir Inuwa Waya, who has been in the civil service of the country at the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for almost three decades recently showed interest in politics, as his campaign posters and other sundry campaign items have been flying around the streets of Kano. However, he has debunked claims that he plans to buy his way into the government house with money.

Barrister Abdulkadir Inuwa Waya is a Director NNPC trading and he was in charge of exporting and importing crude oil and Petrol to the country for good eight years.

During his tenure as MD of Duke Oil, a subsidiary of NNPC, the Duke Oil office was closed down in the UK and relocated to UAE.

Barr. Waya is not a poor civil servant, he worked closely with former GMD, Late Maikanti Baru and late Chief of Staff to the President, Mallam Abba Kyari.

No wonder, when the UK detectives commenced an investigation of his activities as MD of Duke Oil, the UK office of Duke oil was hurriedly closed down just to protect him.

Money is not a problem with Barr. Waya, he has beautiful mansions all over the world.

His mansion in Dubai is a sight to behold and when you arrive Abuja, provided you are born with money, you will appreciate his heaven on earth edifice.

Inuwa Waya is married to three wives with the last wife being from Sudan.

He flies all over the country with private jets courtesy of marketers in his industry.

Barr. Waya, in an audio broadcast that has circulated on social media, said he is not forcing his way as a Kano gubernatorial aspirant with a huge chunk of money.

According to Barr. Waya, such negative rumours are being peddled by political adversaries who have started defaming his image in the eyes of the general public and other Kano electorates.

After making an impact as a legal expert before venturing into politics, Barr. Inuwa has said that his adversaries have taken to various social media platforms to says that he is meant to be a civil servant and not a politician, thus he urged his followers not to respond to naysayers but play by the rules of the game.

To Barr. Inuwa, these criticisms from political opponents have shown that he and his supporters are playing politics in the right way without maligning the image of anybody.

In conclusion, he advised his supporters to desist from engaging in verbal attacks with any of his opponents because he is playing politics without any form of bitterness; adding that he prays God Almighty grants President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje a successful leadership.

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