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Rivers Labour Face-off: ‘Leave Pride, Negotiate With Organised Labour’-Dakuku To Wike!

Rivers Labour Face-off: ‘Leave Pride, Negotiate With Organised Labour’-Dakuku To Wike!

Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2015 elections in Rivers, Dr Dakuku Adol Peterside has called on Governor Nyesom Wike to set pride aside and negotiate with the organized labour in the State to stave off a collision with labour unions in the country.

Rivers State government and organized labour have been at loggerheads over the Governor’s neglect of workers welfare in the State.

The issues in contention include: in lack promotion since he assumed office in 2015, payment of new minimum wage, pensioners’ dues, arrears of salaries and hounding of labour leaders in the State amongst others.

Dr. Peterside who decried the situation in a statement over the weekend, was at a loss why the State Government would treat issues related to the welfare of workers with levity and disdain especially as workers were pivotal to achieving its programmes and policies.

He therefore,tasked the Governor to address the issues raised by workers in the State since according to him,they deserve to be remunerated like their counterparts nationwide following the passage of new minimum wage into law by President Muhammadu Buhari.

His words:
“Wike should come down from his high horse and listen to the genuine concerns of the workers, who have worked and deserve to benefit from their sweat. What will it cost the Governor to negotiate with workers who are Rivers people and who contribute to the State’s purse? A serious Governor should know that workers are the engine room of governance.”

“It is a shame that Wike is now running around Courts to stop the organized labour from demanding for their rights. This is the same Governor that went round begging the workers to support his re-election bid barely a year ago, what manner of a Governor does this to his own people?”

“Our senior citizens who have spent the best part of their life working for the State and who retired from the Civil Service have not been paid their gratuities and pension since Wike became Governor in 2015, just as not a single Rivers son or daughter has gotten bursary or scholarship from his administration.”

“This same Wike has shut down both the Labour and Trade Union Congress Houses built by Rivers State government, his agents have also gone ahead to disrupt labour meeting at another location in Port-Harcourt, yet he is not seeing that his actions are reckless and irresponsible. It is embarrassing that we have descended this low. “

“Labour leaders in Rivers State are now living in fear under a democratic dispensation; this is simply a manifestation of a despot and ruthless leader who wants everybody to bow before him and sing his praises.”

“However, let Wike know that Rivers people have never been cowed or conquered. The Governor’s descent to authoritarianism will be challenged at the appropriate time; he can take that to the bank. The workers must remain steadfast in their agitation to get what are their rights and privileges,” .

Dr.Peterside, who is also a former member of the House of Representatives, called on elders and kind-hearted Rivers people to impress on the Governor,the need to meet and dialogue with the organized labour to avoid the unnecessary crises the face-off between the Governor and labour unions might cause in the State.

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