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See Why Obaseki Is Confident He Will Win The Election

See Why Obaseki Is Confident He Will Win The Election

Cash flow

He has so much at his disposal.

That’s why he pocketed the state assembly to approve whatever.

If he loses his re-election he might likely abscond.

He’s a half hour politician, he forgot you can’t trust mean men, he’s pitched tent with the children of Belliel. He’s got lots of folks to sign fathom agreements to vote he and Philip.

Oba said ” Philip I hear you are the tough guy, I don’t want any shooting in my kingdom anymore. Call your boys to order, tell them you met BABA and he said no more shooting”……, just like his legendary MOU formula, you can win election like such.

Pastor is a grassroots politician plus Adams the man of war, what do you make of such?… Adams wouldn’t hide under any cover to fight, he will come out openly and die with you if needed. Everyone knows that, including those secretly supporting Oba 2 that wouldn’t listen to Oba 1. He even wholeheartedly didn’t need Oba 1 prayers to succeed. Playing politics with the kola nut forgetfulness story.

The kingdom is against them. Those should be warned immediately. You can’t fight the kingdom and desecrate the land. The land will swallow you.

Tell the whole world I said this. OBASEKi should have listened to the Benin republic City elders glaring cautions.

He wouldn’t and there goes the ancient saying” Pride goes before fall”

Everyone came up to distance himself from his wild goose chase. Money can’t win you election, even with the whole money. Ask God Almighty, there is no one as close, not to even mention, because the earth and the people belong to God Almighty, yet He needs love to win the heart of the people.

By the grace of God Almighty pastor will be the next Edo state governor.

And all the witches and wizards in Edo state will know that I am.

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