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Solar-Powered Refrigeration Trucks Will Cut Pollution From Idling Diesel Engines

Solar-Powered Refrigeration Trucks Will Cut Pollution From Idling Diesel Engines

A provider of solar and battery power systems is set to outfit refrigeration trucks with solar paneled roofs that would cut emissions while keeping cool 1,000 trailers full of food.

The transporting of tons of food to local supermarkets are normally cooled by diesel fuel. Idling diesel tractors burn about a gallon of fuel every hour while releasing more than 22 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Under the terms of a new agreement, XL Fleet will supply battery and power electronics systems for the first 1,000 units of eNow’s new electrified refrigerated trailer solutions.

XL Fleet’s mission is to help corporations and their fleets lower operating costs while helping them achieve their green goals.

eNow’s solar systems capture the sun’s energy with roof mounted solar modules, and then store the energy in auxiliary batteries used to power lift gates, in-cab air conditioning, refrigeration and lighting.

Approximately 50,000 new diesel-powered refrigerated trailers are sold annually in the U.S., and XL Fleet’s partnership with eNow accelerates a sustainable all-electric solution.

XL Fleet and eNow are collaborating on the design and development of the system, especially an integrated lithium-ion battery and power electronics technology that will be installed underfloor on the Class 8 trailers, providing approximately 12 hours or more of run time between charges.

Solar panels mounted on the roof of the trailer will be used for charging of the batteries and powering systems when idling or during loading and unloading of the trailer.

The system will be equipped with a thermal management system to enable year-round operation across North America.

They can be hauled by traditional internal combustion engine or electrified tractors, as a way for fleet managers to immediately and significantly reduce emissions. Delivery is expected in the first half of 2022.

“We have been collaborating with eNow on critical engineering elements of this exciting next generation electrified refrigerated trailer offering for some time now, and continue to be impressed by the team’s technology, ingenuity and shared passion for sustainability,” said Dimitri Kazarinoff, CEO of XL Fleet.

“This partnership will change the way the transportation industry thinks about energy and refrigerated transportation,” said Jeff Flath, President & CEO at eNow, “to eliminate a major source of diesel fuel consumption and emissions for fleets.”


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