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The Big Adsventure, Or: My Google AdSense Adventure

Join me on my AdSense Adventure, I’ll be trying different AdSense tips & tricks. This will be a little different than all the other ‘get rich quick’ guides: instead of telling you what to do I let you watch me try it all…

Let me tell you about my trial and error path trying to make some money with Google AdSense™. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of websites on this subject already. Many of them tell you how you can make a 6 figure income with only a couple of hours work a week. They will even tell you exactly how to achieve this. Just buy their e-book and you’ll have all the tips and tricks from the pros.

I’m quite skeptical about these offers. Doing my own research on the Google AdSense™ subject, I’ve found quite a few people who paid for the e-book but are very unhappy about it. They all tell me that the information they paid for was very useful, but is also freely available. The great thing about the Internet is that you can find information on any subject for free. It’s not allways easy to find the information you are looking for, but if you know how and where to search you can find almost anything. If you are not very skilled in finding information on the ‘net maybe you should just go ahead and buy the e-book but keep in mind that the e-book will be the author’s view on the subject. Your own search will give you a better view of the big picture. Of course, finding the information will take some effort and time. To me the search for information is part of the adventure, a part that I don’t want to skip.

So lets get rich with Google AdSense™! Ok, back to reallity: do you really think you can get a 6 figure income from Google AdSense™? I’m sure some people do make a small fortune with AdSense™ but I bet it takes a lot more work then those e-book writers tell you.

I registered with Google AdSense™ back in December 2004. After one year my total earnings had reached $25. Yes I know that is about the price of the amount of beer you drink in one hour at the bar. Still this has been easy money: I don’t think it took me more than 20 minutes to sign up with Google and add the AdSense™ code to my website.

This year will be different: I will try to get some serious income from AdSense™. I’m not expecting a 6 figure income and I’m not giving up my job. My goal is to get a check from Google every month (for those of you who don’t know, Google sends out checks each month to people who have made over $100)

Join me on my blog at See how I fail and learn from my mistakes!

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