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Things to consider before you buy an Mp3 player

Portable mp3 player has changed the way people use and listen to music. Because of new technological innovations both in software and hardware has kept this field fresh and exciting and a bit confusing for any first time purchaser.

Today there are many portable mp3 players available in the market and it might seem difficult to choose the right mp3 player for you. So you need to gather some information about the mp3 players available and their price range and then compare their features and decide which one shall suit you the best. This is because if you are a music lover you would always wish to have an in built FM tuner or if you love to play games then you would ask for something else. There are different accessories and lots of add-ons available.

The major criteria for mp3 player comparison would include its music store download system, its capacity in gigabytes, music storage in hours, music formats supported, video formats supported, image formats supported, built-in FM tuner, built in microphone, accessories included, other third party accessories available, navigation, dimensions, weight and price.

<b> Open and closed systems </b>
The primary factor that differentiates between players is that whether they form a part of a closed download music store system or an open one. Closed systems have all elements such as online music store, PC music store, portable software and portable player that are fully integrated to work together. An example of closed system company is the Apple ipod that operates iTunes.

Open system provides you a selection of music stores and portable players from different companies and because they share the same music file format you can easily mix and match players and services. Microsoft’s windows media audio is the largest such open system.

It is also important that the terms “closed system” and “open system” describe the online music store to software to portable player relationship and the copy protection their respective formats use. You can download and play mp3 files from other kinds of internet websites such as band websites and pod casters. You can also import music from your personal CD’s to your computer and then transfer the songs to your portable player in your preferred format of mp3.

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