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This Should Be The Last Time, The Oduduwa Meddle In Igodomigodo Politics

This Should Be The Last Time, The Oduduwa Meddle In Igodomigodo Politics

It is a political blunder for a Yoruba politician to try to meddle in our internal politics.

The branding of Nigeria today by Yoruba politicians should be on the same pretext like Awolowo and the Fulani North…. Learn to solidify your base… win the trust of your people and then use it as a launching pad to negotiate at the center….. If you think you will not reconcile with your people and still hope to have a platform to stand up to outsiders….. you will make yourself vulnerable to the enemy….. I desperately wish for Yoruba agitators and politicians to unite for a common cause… just like in the days of Awolowo…. He was feared by outsiders because they realized his’s people’s love for him cannot be shaken…. If you rig Awolwo’s party out of power in Yorubaland…. He did not need to mobilize…. the people will stand up for him naturally….. this earned him so much respect that if democracy lasted long enough…. He would have emerged president like Buhari did after many failed attempts.

The greatest mistake Bola Tinubu is doing is reaching out to others while many of his kinsmen at home are biased about him…. Whoever advised him to put in his 10 cents in Edo politics made a big blunder…. Edo people… like Igbos…. hold a big resentment towards Yoruba people…. they have an elephant size complex which has forced them to twist history up and down and make so many colorful stories over the ages to resist such complex…. Benin people… like factions of Kwara and Ijebu hold elements of rebellious people of Yoruba ancestry…. Why… because they feel dwarfed by a bigger history of their benevolence to the parent body at Ile Ife and Oyo.

In the second republic…. It was the Oba Akenzua II that worked with the politicians in the Midwest to ensure the creation of the Midwest because he was desperate to break away from Yoruba people…. his son was the fraudulent author who made the fabricated stories of how elders roamed forests for over 40 years looking for a fugitive Igodomigodo prince…. In a reckless attempt to infuse his bloodline into the Ogiso dynasty and disrespect the true natives of Igodomigodo whose lands were invaded by Oranmiyan… in his book he even mentioned how Oduduwa tested the elders to be sure they are repentant and gave the elders 7 lice and told them to bring if back after 3 years… and how one of the senior chiefs put it in the hair of one of his slaves to preserve it for three years (he must have read the story of Joseph and infused his version)…. Now this is where it bugs a question…. Lice have only a lifespan of 30 days…. Within that 30 days… they would have laid tons of eggs and multiply rapidly…. To say 7 lice were put on a slaves head and same 7 lice were alive 3 years after without multiplying is totally false narrations ( and to think the Oba that wrote the story was learned…. He must have studied biology when he was at Government college Ibadan)…. These are the negative energies going on between Edo and larger Yoruba today… the true natives of Igodomigo also do not like Yoruba people because they blame them for the invasion of their land by Oranmiyan…. How then do Yoruba politicians think these people would have any kind of regards for them…. If they played politics like Awolowo…. They will concentrate on home and then build coaltions rather than engage in direct politics.

Do you know who Obaseki is he comes from a well known migrant nobility that will do anything for power in Benin.… they know how to profit from tension…. You can never outsmart them in such game… his greatgrandfather was the very man that helped the British run down Benin kingdom…. He helped them put the king away into exile in calabar… hoping to take the power of the throne for himself…. He succeeded at this but was rejected by Benin people who remained loyal to the throne until the bloodline of Oranmiyan was restored to the throne.

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