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Tips on the Do’s and The Don’ts Of Google Adsense Marketing

Setting up:

Go to

1. Set up an account
2. Decide what sort of ad format you want
3. Insert the html in your website

15 Tips for making the most profit from your Google Adsense: Google has many tools check them all and see which ones will work for you.

1. Filtering your competition- Google allows you to filter out up to 200 URL from being shown on your sitem
2. Targeting your ads by using the right keywords and density in your content and making sure your content is relevant
3. Text ads are usually best
4. Positioning your adsense ads: The top or your site will earn you the most money
5. Keywords-niche markets are the highest paying ads.
6. You can add small graphics to draw attention to your ads
7. Customize the color of your ads to make them look like a part of your website.
8. Simplify your website to make your ads more noticeable
9. Combine your ads with Google search box. This also pays for searches and will bring in some money.
10. Make multiple niche sites. The more you make the more you earn.
11. Make your font the same size as your google ad.
12. You can set up sites that offer free resources and giveaways these will be ideal for Google ads
13. Make use of Google’s tracking tools. Keep a record of how well your ads are doing and which site and position is doing the best.
14. Use the 250 x 250 rectangle ad format and make them borderless. Blend the ads into your website and make them look like resources not ads.
15. Make use of Google ad links. They have a higher rate of click through than the test ads.

When not to use Google adsense:

1. If you are using any PPC engines to drive traffic to your site. You do not want you visitors to leave your site and use the Google links to go to another website.
2. If you are selling your own products and services and do not want your visitor to be distracted
3. If you are using any other text ads on your site Google may not accept and you will draw visitors away from your ads.
4. Topics to be avoided: Gambling, firearms, ammunition, tobacco or drugs will not be allowed by Google
5. Do not allow your layouts to look similar to Google. Uniqueness will get the click.
6. Never click on your own links or ads Google will ban you for doing this.

Driving traffic to your website: The key to success is to drive a large amount of targeted visitors to your site. This can be done by:

• Search Engine submission
• Linking
• Article distribution

Try using these tips and techniques to boost your click through and make more money from your site. Experiment track and test and you will have a good source of passive income that will never cost you time or money.

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