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Use Adwords For Free? A Review Of Get Google Ads Free By Dr. Jon Cohen

The most difficult thing about having a web business is getting traffic to your site. So many products out there hold the claim that they are an easy sell. That may be true but if you have no one to buy it, you’re back to square one. And of course there’s the internet buzz term out there: “the money is in the list.” That, also, is very true. With a loyal list of targeted customers, you can promote your product to an already hungry audience that will most likely buy from you because you have earned their trust. But once again, if you have no traffic, you have no chance of getting leads that can grow your “list.” Even if you have the best newsletter, the best free products and a killer website, without traffic, you do not exist.

Many gurus show ways of increasing your traffic through article marketing, social networking, blogging, search engine optimization and dozens of other techniques. While these are good strategies for long term traffic building, most get into an internet business because of the opportunity to make a profit quickly. Let’s face it: most of us know that establishing anything worthwhile is going to take time. But the endless testimonials attached to products about how some “newbie” made five thousand dollars in their first month can transform even the most sensible being into an irrational fortune seeker. While many of the previously mentioned traffic generation techniques cost little to nothing to implement, they do take time. And it can be difficult to do the work necessary to build your business when it can take months before you have something to show for that work. So what else can a marketer do? They can buy advertising, of course!

As there are many free ways to increase your traffic, there are as many if not more ways to pay for traffic? So which is the easiest and most effective? In my opinion, that would be AdWords by Google. AdWords is probably the most comprehensive and user friendly advertising system that you will find. It has keyword generators, the ability to test and track ads and ways to further pinpoint your targeted market. The drawback? It’s quite easy to lose your shirt advertising with AdWords. This causes many internet marketers to look elsewhere for advertising. But AdWords works, and by not utilizing this tool, many marketers are shooting themselves in the foot and are spending money of other types of paid advertising that doesn’t deliver the same type of return on their investment as AdWords would.

Fortunately, I’ve found a system that allows you to take full advantage of AdWords like the “big boys” do, but without the risk. It’s called Get Google Ads Free and is written by Dr. Jon Cohen. His program takes a technique routinely used by offline marketers and adapts it to online use in order to take advantage of the precise target marketing ability of AdWords. In his 124 page book, Dr. Cohen shows the reader how he came up with the idea, how to best integrate it into your current marketing efforts and how to best position your efforts so that you don’t spend a dime out of pocket on your AdWords campaigns.

He also explains his method for generating mulitple income streams without having a product or service of your own. He compares the revenue your site could earn with his method as compared to AdSense. Dr. Cohen also gives links to other sites to get you started using his method, most of which are free to use. Also included are tips on how to pick the best keywords and ads (the information given in this section may surprise you) and a free service to get your free AdWords campaign started. The information is constantly being updated so not only do you have access to his free newsletter but access to updates and (my favorite) a “quick-start” guide.

The only drawback, in my opinion, is that while on the sales page it implies that a beginner could succeed with this program, it is helpful if you know the basics of uploading and creating web pages. But even this is covered, briefly, in the Get Google Ads Free program. there are links to website and web page tutorials and a free website creation tool Don’t let the hype of the sales page blind you though; it is a great program that is concise and powerful.

Dr. Cohen’s Get Google Ads Free solves the problem of getting targeted traffic to your site by putting together one of the most revolutionary advertising techniques that is on the internet today. So much time, energy and money is spent on advertising that could be spent on improving the quality of products and websites. But the Get Google Ads Free program levels the playing field for all internet marketers. More importantly, it takes the sting out of using AdWords. I believe this proven system will change the way advertising is done on the internet. The techniques included in this program has helped thousands realize their online business goals. Will you be next?

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