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Using Google Reader For Seo

One of the recent services launched by Google is the Google Reader, which is available at The Google Reader will allow Internet users to search for relevant RSS feeds and manage them too. As a result, Internet users will be able to benefit from the updated information and current news articles or snippets on various topics of their choice.

In the recent past, we have noticed an increase in the popularity and use of blogs as well as RSS and this increase is going to be there in the near future. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of RSS feeds can be contributed to the availability of updated information in a systemized manner and accessible to almost anyone. For the average Internet user, the launch of the Google Reader is being seen as one giant step. It is a powerful tool that is easy to use.

Using the Google Reader

For first timers, using RSS or downloading and configuring the RSS reader can be quite a cumbersome process especially when you can visit your favorite web site and use their advanced search features to look for new articles or topic specific articles/news. There is another breed of people who wouldn’t even try the task of understanding how a new process like RSS feed will work as they have a pre-conceived notion that it might be complicated. This pre-conceived notion gets most of its strength due to the availability of other options.

The Google reader has been hence created to make the pre-conceived notions disappear and to make searching for the latest news on RSS simple and easy. To use the Google Reader, you need to follow 4 easy/baby steps:

• Visit to open Google Reader
• Type your topic of interest in the search box
• You will get a list of results related to your topic of interest. Find the one you want.
• Click “Subscribe”

Did you ever think it could have been so easy? Well! That’s all you have to do to sign up for your favorite feed and the good part is that you can sign up for more than one topic/feed.

What you need to do is click to go back to the Google Reader homepage. On the homepage, you will find a list of feeds displayed on the left-hand side. This is the list that you have subscribed. If you choose any specific feed from the left hand side then you will see all the new posts added on to that particular feed on the right hand side. You don’t even have to search for new or updated feeds!

Hailed as one of the best products from Google, the Google Reader has a high usability and hence will make your life a little more comfortable in a world where knowledge rules supreme; where knowledge is the difference between success and failure.

Is the Google Reader for you?

Since the Google Reader is easy to use and is considered a powerful tool; it will be helpful for anyone and everyone who wants to keep themselves updated on any kind of news from forest fires in the tropical rainforest to Premier league soccer scores. Although the service is meant for every one but the people who will really benefit from it will be the researchers, business professionals, reporters, consultants, analysts etc.

The Features

The Google Reader comes with some value added advanced features, which include:

GMail This: Through this, you will be able to advertise your website or services to others on Gmail. All you need is a Gmail account.

Blog This: This feature will be helpful for those who already have an account on blogger. If you click on “Blog This” then it will open your blog account and you can insert the link on your blog as a reference.

It’s impact on SEO

The Google Reader will ensure that RSS and blogs become an integral component of any Internet Marketing strategy. Since the reader is being targeted at getting more users hence the feeds will soon become more SEO friendly and keyword/key phrase driven.

Standing in the present, it seems that the Google Reader is all set to take on the future!

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