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What Is RSS Feed And How To Get An Unfair Advantage

RSS is THE popular catchphrase, creating waves in today’s Internet world. But exactly what is RSS feed ? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, and is a very cost effective method to bring your information to your clients and potential clients.

When you as a marketer/businessman/company, decide to promote your business through the marketing strategies of the Internet, it’s time to take full advantage of this interactive medium. It pays to know what is RSS feed.

RSS has numerous advantages over the other existing methods, to turn it into the most sought-after, powerful, dominant tool, which will take over the Internet world soon.

Beyond just knowing what is RSS feed, this is how RSS can help you:

* Your website is the gold mine of information on how the public respond to what you say. RSS provides an unbelievable platform to discuss the views of the public without wasting time. Instead, you can spend your time on crafting quality contents. RSS has many special features such as dialog facilitators, RSS radars, and automatic responders to enhance the significance of conversational marketing.

* Your search engine ranking reflects how good your website is! Knowing what is RSS feed and harnessing its power properly will increase the search engine ranking remarkably well, and this helps develop your business.

* What do the visitors get on visiting your website? Interview customers for their feedback, do a research and make changes to your website accordingly. The last part can be done easily by knowing what is RSS feed and using them effectively.

* The look of your website is very important. RSS has made it very easy to understand, see and feel your message for the visitors by mixing video and audio channels to your contents. Also, keep in mind that not only is it enough to have a good website but an appropriate one to your business also, to catch your visitor’s eye.

* Make your website work well in all the browsers. Your website is open to a variety of visitors who can prefer browsers of their choices. RSS is a convenient way since it works on all platforms. Most of the browsers may not face hurdles accessing RSS.

* You can collect a lot of information such as the number of subscribers, their interests, their reading frequency, the topics they are more interested in etc using RSS feeds. These are definitely going to be vital for improving your standards of business.

And do not think it’s a super-techie thing that you cannot use! Once you understand fully what is RSS feed, you are open to the amazing world of RSS and one day, sure to find yourself hooked to it!

So, what are you waiting for? Get going to know what is RSS feed, be familiar with it, and unleash the power of this incredible, powerful tool!

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