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What It Takes To Be A Guitarist

True interest in playing guitar comes from a burning desire to be what your heroes are. Its a blind passion. But, before you even pick up a guitar, you must first ask yourself these questions: Do I listen to music differently than my friends who don’t play guitar? when it comes to listening to music, do I see myself being able to not only play all of the guitar parts, but be able to play all of the guitar parts on stage? Do I see myself playing guitar above anything else under GOD?

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, chances are you have what it takes to become a serious guitarist. Now, you should pick up your guitar, and if the burning passion’s there, never put it down. Never let it go. By now, you should know that playing guitar is much more than just something that you do, You are a musician, and that’s not just something that you do, its who you are. So be proud, not just anybody can say their a musician. Your an artist, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Now that you’ve figured out that you are a serious guitarist, you should now set out to be the best guitarist that you can possibly be. You are about to set out on a lifelong journey. a very fulfilling journey of mastering your craft.

So what do I do first? You might ask. You get lessons, buy books on learning guitar, video tape your heroes every time their on television, and then study them, whatever it takes to increase your skill as a guitarist. You should keep in mind that no matter what, if the passion is there, you will learn. So don’t worry if you can’t afford lessons, or afford books on learning guitar, if you have the undying desire and burning passion with or without help. No matter if the odds are in your favor or if the odds are stacked against you.

How do I know? Well, since me and my brother were old enough to remember, we’ve had a very close kinship, and a great understanding of music. But, unfortunately, our family was very poor. We were twelve before we got a guitar to create on. Our parents couldn’t afford guitar lessons, so what we did was got our friends that were learning to play at the same time, and borrow their books on guitar, and then we would watch as they played the way their teachers taught them to play. We practiced night and day. We very rarely played outside like other kids. We never learned to swim because we played guitar all the time, we didn’t go swimming. But, because we sacrificed so much for our craft, it wasn’t long before our skill was unparalleled by our peers and we were teaching our friends teachers. We were showing guitarists twice or three times our age who were playing guitar before we were even born. We didn’t have a guitar teacher, yet by the time we were the age of fifteen, we were the teachers. When we played talent shows at our high school, we were the talk of the school and very respected.

Now, I’m not saying by any means that you have to do to become a great guitarist. I’m just saying that this is how me and my twin brother learned. You should take your own path. Your path is always the best path to take.

Well, that’s it. As always, I hope you found this article both informative and entertaining. May GOD bless you always, and in always.

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