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Why And How To Buy A Cell Phone?

A cell phone (cellular) or mobile phone is a portable, long-range, electronic gadget used for transportable communication. Apart from the standardized voice function of a cell phone (cellular), the mobile phones that we have in market today support many additional features like SMS or short messaging service for sending and receiving text messages, sending or receiving email, storing contact information, make reminders or to-do lists, using the inbuilt calculator for performing simple arithmetic calculations, get all kinds of information about entertainment, sports, news or stock quotes through packet switching through the Internet, playing games, watching TV, sending or receiving MMS for photographs and videos and incorporate other devices like camera, MP3 player, GPS receiver etc.

You can not do without it or loathe it but you just can ignore the humble cell phone that has made its way to almost every person`s pockets. With the increase in use of cell phones (celular) the question about its health and environmental hazards has also risen. There has been a lot of debate regarding the issue whether cell phones are indeed responsible for cancer or any other type of health risk. There are some researches that firmly say that using cell phones can indeed cause brain damage. Linking the cell phone (celular) with causes of cancer has also been a favorite topic of argument. Though it remains a controversial topic till date but the fact is that there is no solid research that can prove that cell phone usage has any link to cancer. The only exception is the case of driving and talking simultaneously that can indeed caused lots of accidents.

Today you are spoilt for choices when it comes to buying a cell phone(celular). You have all kinds of phones like camera phones, video phones, FM phones and what not. In case you are floored by the various options then here are some guidelines that you must consider before buying a handset.

Wireless mode: it is preferable to use dual-mode phones that support both analog and digital than single-mode phones. This is especially important if you need to use your cell phone in rural areas and not just the main city.

Design: there are lots of styles to chose from, like flip-open or non-flips, clamshell-style phones; candy bar-design phones or slider style, or swivel phones that will twist open. Flip phones look chic but tend to break easily and are not suitable for rough handling.

Size and weight: the most important feature of a cell phone is its portability. Today all the leading cell companies are in competition to make the lightest and the slimmest phone. You can choose one according to your budget.

Battery life: choose a cell phone that gives you maximum battery life with a minimum of four hours talk time and 2 to 6 days on standby. Keep in mind that battery usage will depend upon your phone usage and the network signal. Do not forget accessories like car battery charger and adapter.

Screen: you should go for a PDA phone if you are planning to send lists of messages or frequently go online.

With the increase in number of cell phones (celular) in one person`s hands itself; cell phone etiquette has become an equally important issue. You can find the irritating noise of cell phone ringers in the most inappropriate places like funerals, cinema halls and concerts, hospitals and plays. Some people have the irritating habit of speaking in public with an unusually loud voice at all places which has led to many places like libraries, book shops, theaters, houses of worship and doctors` chambers to prohibit cell phone (celular) use. You should learn the basics of cell phone etiquettes and then attempt to use it in public.

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