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Why Nuweiba is the place for bubbling springs, Sun Sand and Music

Nuweiba in Arabic means, “Bubbling Springs”. It is located in Sinai, Egypt along the northwest bank of the Gulf of Aqaba. It is said to have been developed from barren land with no infrastructure!

Most Middle East and Egyptian countries are famous for their belly dancers and Arabic music. Nuweiba being a beach town has a heady mix of history sun sand and music.

Nuweiba is roughly divided into three parts- the beach, the city and the Bedouin fishing villages of Tarabin and Muzeina. The city has the bazaar where you can find souvenirs to take back home.

The construction of the port connected Egypt to the rest of the Arab world. In the past pilgrims on their way to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage (HAJ) halted at this port town.

Now it is coastal tourist destination with a stretch of magnificent stunning white beaches and diving and snorkeling sites. And why not stay at the Hilton Nuweiba coral resort located in the Nuweiba city.

What to do there?
What does one do at a beach resort laze around the beach during the day and party all night! There is much more you can do in Nuweiba like go scuba diving, go on a camel safari and visit the tribal Bedouin fishing villages of Tarabin and Muzeina.

Go scuba diving and snorkeling:
There are a number of reliable diving and snorkeling operators in the area. The Aqaba gulf has a diverse marine life, and its turquoise clear waters make it even more enchanting for diving.

Some famous dive centers are Scuba Divers La Sirene, Sinai Dolphin Divers, Emperor Divers and Dive Center Nuweiba. Some virgin untouched diving sites are the Ras Mamla and Ras Abu Gallum; to go there you have to take permission from the Tourist Police and Protect the Reefs Office because these sites are under the Ras Muhammad National Park.

Colored canyon excursion:
This is in the middle of the desert. It is a gorge formed by water passing through the mountain for hundreds of years revealing the different colored layers of rock. The sheer size of the canyon leaves awed.

There are no facilities at all here. You have to take all that you need with you and as for natures call you will have to make do with going behind the rocks! Tour operators arrange tours in four-wheel drives to the canyon.

Go back into the past:
You can visit the fortress at Tarabin built by the Mameluke sultan Ashraf Qansouh el-Ghouri in the 15th century to protect it from the Turkish invasion. The well in this fortress has been a source of water for the Bedouin tribe.

You can also visit the famous St. Catherine monastery between Nuweiba and Taba. The route via Nuweiba is a picturesque one along the flat plains. St. Catherine’s monastery was built around the 4th century, which is believed to be the site of the burning bush. The fortress that surrounds it was built around the 6th century and is still an operating monastery.

Have a Bedouin dinner:
If you are a foodie and love to try different cuisine you can go for a special Bedouin dinner at one of the Bedouin villages.

The Night Life:
Being a beach resort Nuweiba has an active nightlife. Most hotels have a pub, disco, and arrange beach parties. As for drinks, you can opt for the local brand-Stella, which is cheaper, or an imported one such as Heineken obviously more expensive.

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